ONCE IN A LEW MOON is a fiercely independent documentary about Legendary Nebraska Screenwriter and UCLA screenwriting chair emeritus LEW HUNTER. In three acts, we follow his life from Nebraska to California and back again. We are introduced to his troubled youth in the poor rural Midwest. Then we follow his pioneering role in the 60's, 70's and 80's as one of the the first screenwriters to teach UCLA courses while still working full time in Hollywood and network television. This godfather of Screenwriting Networking, Lew and his wife Pamela hosted "The Writers Block" , bringing together everyone in the screenwriting business with his students in a socially relaxed discussion group and party. Lew finally 'retires' from UCLA in 1999. Finally we catch up with Lew in current day Nebraska, gathering kids to hear former coach Tom Osborne share their educational and startling realities of Meth abuse in the Cornhusker state. Lew is still making a difference even in retirement! COMING SOON TO A THEATER NEAR YOU!

Director/Producer- Lonnie Senstock

Lonnie started acting in films such as About Schmidt starring Jack Nicholson and winning Dreaming Trees short film contest that opened in Chicago acting as lead in the winning film Going Down To Neverland opposite lead actress Leslea Fisher known for her roles in the hit films The Notebook, Radio, and Dear John. Lonnie After cast member Dustin Diamond known for his role in Saved By The Bell opened the winning film in Chicago Lonnie moved into working on hit shows such as NBC's Treasure Hunters, Tommy Lee Goes To College, The Marriage Ref and currently did cinema in the midwest area for the Sundance film festival selected documentary called Lucky, by producer Sean Welch & directed by Jeffrey Blitz, who were oscar nominated for their documentary Spellbound. Lonnie also a musician/singer has produced, wrote, and sang the duet song Eyes Wide Open with pop artist Jamie Shelton that landed on Hanson's top 20 for their Ourstage/Shout It Out tour for the midwest calling. He is currently working with the music label Undaground that will supply the score for the film. On the music side he's worked with the Jonas Brothers locally and The Music Lives On tour of Paul McCartney. A jewelry line is in the works too called The Jewelry Box with top model actress Whitney Perry. Currently he is directing and producing Once in a Lew Moon on the life of Lew Hunter with some of the biggest names appearing in the documentary film. Some of the cast includes Patty Duke, Richard Masur, ex-Sundance film festival director Geoff Gilmore, Hollywood's scariest lawyer Bertram Fields & fifty more. Stock footage of never before seen interviews of Some Like It Hot's Billy Wilder, Francis Ford Coppola, Oliver Stone and more. Lew Hunter's students who are in the film will include Mike Werb, who wrote The Mask, Laura Croft: Tombraider, Face-Off, as well as Don Mancini of Childs Play. Once in a Lew Moon also features tv/film actress Lydia Cornell known for her role in the hit comedy Too Close For Comfort and Ron Lester aka Billy Bob character of the hit film Varsity Blues. You'll hear from the writers, directors, producers and actors themself of what it was like to write and be in the mix of how they got there, those involved in Lew Hunter's journey and his teachings. It will offer education and the HOW TO if you're journey is to be in the industry of entertainment. Once in a Lew Moon is the journey of one man's tenacity to go from the literally nothing, with everything against him to the top of the networks in Hollywood and on to become one of UCLA's top screenwriting teachers.

Director/Producer Lonnie Senstock

"Once in a Lew Moon" The Lew Hunter Story